1966 AMC Ambassador Cross Country 880.

March 12, 2017



Anonymous said...

Great photos! I miss seeing AMC vehicles on the road - they're almost as scarce as Studebakers. The side view of this vehicle looks as if it started life as a 4-door sedan which was then transformed into a station wagon as an afterthought.

Tony Piff said...

first the stude wagon and now this!

amazing opc.

Sneaky Pete said...

AHhhhh! This is the stuff! Good ol' car. You could feel the road through the steering wheel; the accelerator was connected to the engine via a cable; and it ran just fine (and was cheap and simple to fix when it didn't) because it didn't need computers and modules and sensors....and probably got comparable mileage to half of today's little 4-bangers, but unlike them, you could carry sheets of plywood in the back!

A simple, honest car.

NO 2017 cars will be functional when THEY'RE 50 years old!

Sneaky Pete said...

Sorry guys, I love this site, but this will be my last comment- can't take the verification BS anymore!!!! Just had to go through EIGHT mother effing screens before could post! ENOUGH!

Tony Piff said...

Sneaky Pete, please don't go!

Sorry about the verifications. We don't really have control over it. If we turn it off, the comments get overrun with even more phony spam.

For what it's worth, if you're logged in with a gmail account, you should be able to skip most of the verifications. I don't even check the "I'm not a robot" button any more. I just hit "publish" and away it goes.

Thanks for all your stellar comments over the years!

clifton.ra said...

"I should've had a V-8!"
Great example of American Motors from the era. The engine compartment has a view of the pavement, and the I-6 probably has a load of torque.

The design trails GM and Ford by about 3 years and Chrysler by about 2. It looks more like what the Big 3 were building in '63. A bit dated in 1966.
The original buyers probably planned to keep them a while, and didn't care if they were a bit stodgy.
"Get out the seersucker suit we're taking the Marlin to the Big Boy." Don't park next to the GTO.

Anonymous said...

Granted I do not need a username, but I do not need much verification without a Gmail account

Jay Wollenweber said...

Sad to hear you're having spam problems here. Sweet wagon, funky as it is. I love that vintage vinyl interior that pretty much just lasts and lasts.

Richard said...

If you could remove every car from the second picture with the exception of the Rambler and the condition that it appears to be in along with the houses, I tell you right now that looks like something out of 1979 .

Enrique Gaston Barouille said...

Where this wagon is located? I'm from Argentina. I bought one of the 321 units made in my country. I planned to go in june to USA and I want to find Ambassador's spare parts. Best