1986 Plymouth Voyager.

October 26, 2018



Tony Piff said...


antique plates.

the silver van is a familiar car that i've probably photographed before but not posted. caught this ridiculous specimen a few days ago on my way to return ben's borrowed dslr. then immediately after, i saw the silver van with an unobstructed profile shot, photographed it, and the day felt cosmic.

Rainer said...

The Arizona "Historic Vehicle" plate is just too much LOL

Mutley said...

Meh... Anything front-wheel drive is too new to be old in a good way.... (Except perhaps for older Toronados/Eldorados)

W Putnam said...


And welcome back! Always good to see classics..

simmon verman said...

very classic, i'd love to drive those cars, thanks for sharing this :)

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Anonymous said...

These spambots don't even try anymore.

J+ said...

What a beauty! The color-matched wheels are magnificent.
I really wanted an 80s Caravan / Voyager when I was younger (pre-driving age). I am positive it was from all the Cal Worthington commercials I saw on television (go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal...)

If only the pre-FIAT-era D/P/C vehicles weren't so horribly built ... I miss seeing K-cars, Vans and the Shadow/Sundance.