September 16, 2014

1988 Imported-for-Plymouth Colt DL SEDAN.

September 12, 2014

Andy's 1972 Dodge Sportsman RV.

My father-in-law lives a life without a lot of responsibility. When we were renovating our house, Andy would fly up and live with us for six months at a time, work on the house, and then head back to Arizona whenever funds for materials ran out.

When we visited him this summer, I had the chance to document his rolling home. I don't know the model of the RV conversion, but at this point it bears little resemblance to whatever it once was. I understand there were once sleeping quarters over the cab, but he had to get rid of it because the wood frame was so dry-rotted. More recently, I heard that he turned the entire back wall into a hinged ramp in order to park his motorcycle inside.

Thanks again for everything, Andy.

1972 Dodge Sportsman RV.
1972 Dodge Sportsman RV.
1972 Dodge Sportsman RV.
1972 Dodge Sportsman RV.
1972 Dodge Sportsman RV.

September 11, 2014

1972 Mercury Comet.

This apparently flawless Comet owes a lot to its white paint, which upon scrutiny is riddled with the wonderful patina of careful but unrestrained use. It must have lived a garaged life. The top is very nice but also not perfect. As my boss Chester says every time the car appears in the Subway parking lot across the street from our office, "Don't you think it has to be the best original Mercury Comet sedan in the world?" I don't think the half-joking question is far-fetched. I will note the odometer reading next time and update this post.

Portland's cloudless summer skies make shooting any white car a challenge, and I'd been waiting to capture this one in the right light. I couldn't believe when it chose this parking spot yesterday. It's not often photos in shadow can look so appealing. I love the way the reflected sunlight warms these compositions.

1972 Mercury Comet Sedan.1972 Mercury Comet Sedan.
1972 Mercury Comet Sedan.

September 5, 2014

1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon Brougham Aeroback, Revisited.

Last seen here in May 2011. 
What does covering a speedo with a note say about the performance? 
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