1962 Studebaker Hawk Gran Turismo.

July 15, 2010



Justin said...

Ugh, and look at that souless pile of shit parked next to it. :X

Tony Piff said...

if you squint real hard at the third picture (in full size), you can see the letter s t u d e b a k e r h a w k stamped along the bottom of that strange aluminum panel. i would have gotten a macro closeup, but i didn't want to look like i was photographing the license plate. i was glad i took care, because the owner came out of the store a moment later. i asked if he drove it much, and he said "yep. it's really in driver condition, and it's too much fun not to drive anyway." i told him i was glad he said that and then asked him to back it out of the shadows for a clear shot, and he obliged.

Ben Piff said...

A lot of character and detail, very glad you pointed out that tiny wording on that weird back end. Shooting such shiny and bright colors on the brightest of summer days is really hard isn't it? Wow what a nose on that thing, that doesn't look like it fits into any easily defined categories. Those front bumper guards are pretty distracting too, but I guess he drives it and parallel parks it. You should have told him to put the fuzzy dice away for a second too, ha!