1976 Fiat Spider, Revisited.

October 27, 2012

Ol' Yeller showed up on my doorstep with additional stickers on every panel (prank, or intentional?).Last seen 176 miles away in Seattle, and documented with a sub megapixel iPhone.


great white tiburon said...

my uncle had one of these, a metallic brown one with a tan interior. I remember going for rides and it was a very fun car, zooming around corners with the top down. leather seats didn't fair too well though, they were always dusty and dirty. still wish I was old enough to buy it off him when he had it, it's one of my dream Italian sports cars.

Tony Piff said...

wow, i remember that post from way back in the blog's very first month, and my frustration that you didn't get a profile angle. i never noticed mom and dad in the background!

... i figure these cars tend to suffer from lack of use, but this one clearly gets used, even in wet weather!

Jay Bills said...

Classic! My all time favorite. Although mine is slightly customized - an '81 but with the blade bumpers from a '72. And a few other upgrades.

The later years were fuel injected (the "2000" model). The '85.5 is arguably the best, which came after Paninfarina took production back over from Fiat and updated the steering and brakes on the very last model before shutting down production.

I won't say this within earshot of mine, but I always wanted one of the '81 LE anniversary edition, only 1000 made.

Tony Piff said...

@Jay: one of 1,000.

and your car sounds like a blast.

Jay Bills said...

Yes! That's the LE! Best example I've ever seen if that's the same one that I used to see parked down in NW from time to time. Dead sexy. The dash was leather wrapped... jealousy inducing amongst us "plain" spider owners, for sure.

I've seen a couple pop up for sale in my day but they are usually pretty beat up.