1979 Volvo 242 GT,Revisited.

May 23, 2013

Loving those original alloys. Previously seen with 240 turbo wheels. 
Recognize the Thunderbird lurking in the background?


Tony Piff said...

and ben racks up yet another 242gt, even if it's one he's already photographed, while i've yet to witness one.

i'm giving up and shifting my focus. i declare that i will be the first one to document a 123gt. you just wait.

that dog clearly knows he's got a good thing goin' on.

Van Roof Bars said...

Rubber can rot, upholstery can mildew, metal can rust, precision-fit internal engine parts can seize, wiring can short circuit, paint can blister, fiberglass can crack, chrome can pit, brakes can lock up, and batteries can go dead.

Ben Piff said...

@Van Roof Bars, is that in response to this particular car, or to this site in general? Say more.

Justin said...

It's a spammer, most def.
Great to see this particular 242GT rocking the stock wheels now.

Turbo said...

Never seen one of these in the wild, but I love them! I've owned a 245DL, 244DL and a 244GL, however.

The stock wheels really do this car justice.