1971 BMW 2002.

July 23, 2013

I love these cars, and I want one, but most examples that you see are either sparkly restored or preserved, or embarassingly boy-racer'd out. This one is significant for its shabbiness, made all the more remarkable by the desirable small bumpers and round taillights (although it's not a tii). A co-worker said the driver of this car had dreadlocks, which is not something I ever expected to hear about a BMW owner, but which does complete the picture of this one nicely.

1971 BMW 2002.
1971 BMW 2002.
1971 BMW 2002.


Anonymous said...

2002s are great. Wonderful design, superb performance. I once drove one of these that had been someone's project car - it had been re-bushed and lowered a little bit. Drove like it was on rails. Awesome.

That rust, though, typically in the front quarter-panels right near the door hinges... Well, that's a problem for any potential purchaser to consider thoughtfully prior to pulling the trigger on one of these.

And these things usually lead very hard lives, because they're usually owned by enthusiasts who drive them for all they're worth.

neat cars. and neat photos and write-up on this one. Dreadlocks, huh? cool.

Anonymous said...

I love these cars! There's one near where I work that I've been trying to buy.....scroungy old dude won't sell....his little tires are all flat, and he's literally rotting into the asphalt. He could at least throw a tarp over it so I don't have to see it every time I drive buy...

Anonymous said...

Not sure why the owner's hair is a factor. Cool cars.

sexyhammer said...

the owner's hair is a factor. would you rather buy a used 2002 from an old guy with a neatly trimmed mustache wearing a bmw tech uniform or a dank-smelling kid who may or may not have left a couple nugs in the seat cushion?

i realize the answer is subjective, it's supposed to be.

Patricia Carter said...

This one looks like in a relatively better shape.
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Unknown said...

This car is first, and foremost, when it comes to a car I would like to restore with my eldest son. So, to understand where hair style, and race, comes into play is curious. Please remember to remain objective when posting. This is truly a special website. I may end up buying dozens of cars purely due to this website/blog.

Thank you!!