1975 Plymouth Feather Duster.

October 6, 2013

1975 Plymouth Feather Duster.
1975 Plymouth Feather Duster.
1975 Plymouth Feather Duster logo
Oregon City Gladstone Auto Dealer sticker
1975 Plymouth Feather Duster.


Anonymous said...

For some reason I want to see this car fly over a hill and get major airtime.

Christopher King said...

Hay man I am up in Seattle let's get up whenever you're here or I'm there, peace.


You can see some of my other classic car and motorcycle shit if you Google KingCast + Larz Anderson or KingCast + Ballard Backfire night.

CarOli said...

No pic of the feather duster logo? Or was it missing?

Anonymous said...

Sky blue. Gotta go thru hell before you get to heaven.

Tony Piff said...

ask and ye shall receive, CarOli.

Justin said...

I wouldn't mind seeing it tail sliding out of an alley and plowing through some cardboard boxes, in true 70's fashion.

Random-neur said...

The dripping gas residue from the cap really sets the tone. Love it.

Anonymous said...

dway kool mopar i love them all d DODGE MAN

Way kool Mopar I Love them all
Jan. 15 2014 Dodge Man

Anonymous said...

glad to see al bundy has the same car