1978 Volvo 242GT.

March 1, 2016



Chrisvienna said...

And it so happened that in a small country on the other side of the planet a car almost identical to this went on sale the very same day...


Greetings from the old world, love your site!

Anonymous said...

A badge to tell everyone else your car has an O2 sensor. Neat

Unknown said...

Man those wheels are cool

Steve said...

My GT! The guys at Vol-Tech pointed me to this site and said mine was there. Looks like it was even pretty clean when he came by. Had it since 89.

Thomas said...

Steve: You've a very clean and nice Volvo, I'll appreciate that as there aren't many left (except in Sweden but that doesn't count).

(I've a '74 VW 412 and it's even more under appreciated than Volvos are. Not many 70's or 80's cars have loyal supporters.)

Tony Piff said...

Another GT, and of course Ben found it. I think I've seen one of these?

Man this thing is clean. Hearing that a car is still with its original owner warms my heart.

So cool to hear that Vol-Tech dudes know about opc!

Unknown said...

I'm a supporter. .
I had an '80 Scirocco S
'87 GLI-GT
'87 GLI
'86 GLI
'86 Vanagon GL
'87 Vanagon GL (#554 to roll out of Hamburg for '87)
Before that..
'72 Super
'70 Westfalia
'79 Kombi
'71 Deluxe Bus