1980 Volvo 262C.

May 22, 2016



Sneaky Pete said...

Interesting- I've never seen one of these before; never knew such a beast existed. Ya learn all sorts of things on this site. Sure is an ugly car though! 1980- I suppose these still had the dreaded Vulva mechanical injection? (Wonder if Vulva owners retrofitted other fuel systems, 'cuz I doubt there's anyone still alive today who knows how to fix the old mechanical injection system Vulva had!

Richard said...

I remember there was a black one from the early 80s that I remembered seeing on the street in the town that I grew up in..... It was also a fairly new car at that time as well

J+ said...

As much as I like the 242GT, I agree, this Bertone is physically offensive to my eyes. I'd settle for a regular 242 first.
As a child though, my friend's Father once took us for a ride in his Volvo Bertone 780 coupe .. what a ride. So quick I felt car-sick.

Never owned a Volvo but that (or the first of the newer C70s) I could go for.

My 70s SAAB 99 and 80s SAAB 16V 900 turbo out-class an older Volvo any day though.

Biff said...
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Biff said...

Love these without the vinyl top. I don't think white was a stock color - I've only seen silver and gold versions.

The real Achille's heel on this car was the problematic PRV V-6.