1968 Pontiac Catalina.

August 11, 2016



Anonymous said...

Grandma car, grandma house. Appropriate.

Great tires and hubcaps.

Never cared for Pontiac's sad taillight design.

Tony S said...

Being from Canada I thought of them as "sad hockey sticks". ;)

That fine lined front grille with the surrounding bumper is what I really love.

clifton.ra said...

The Canadians are planning a Parisian conversion on the Old Chieftain.

Sneaky Pete said...

I dunno, Pontiac lost all of it's character after 1967. After '67, the cars became bland corporate clones, which looked like someone just tweaked the little styling touches with no regard to actual styling, but just to make them distinguishable from their corporate clones. Before '68, Pontiacs were unique, and they looked like someone had actually put some effort into the styling.

Anonymous said...

Again another Sneaky Pete rain on the parade of old cars.
Have yet to find a nice comment from this posting user here.

Justin said...

That shot of the tail lights is astounding.

Rainer said...

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