1977 AMC AMX.

November 13, 2016



Tony Piff said...

love the papa murphy's sign + "we accept ebt."

" pizza" tag added.

would love to add a "food stamps" tag in the future. stay classy, papa.

surprising how much performance vibes those louvers add.

Justin said...

Good ol' Malaise era faux-muscle.
All show, no go.

Sneaky Pete said...

Why are the bottom halves of the wheel arches cut???

great white tiburon said...

@sneaky pete,
the arches aren't cut, the 77 amx had only half wheel flares and they should be body color and not black. judging by the tinge of red on the bottom of the chin spoiler the owner the owner painted them black to match the blacked out trim. the amx didn't get full flares until 1978.

Im liking all the amc finds recently. this is the very definition of "all show no go". it was pretty much just an appearance package for the hornet sportback and later the concord and spirit models. It either came with the 258 I6 or 304 V8, the 6 being backed up by either a 4 speed manual or a Chrysler sourced 3 speed auto, the 8 backed by just the auto and highway gears out back. still a good looking car and nowadays can be made to give it more "go" like the looks suggest

Sneaky Pete said...

Thanks, GWT! Now that you pointed it out, I do see that they are indeed painted.

I agree- love the fact that these guys are finding so many AMCs! Haven't seen an AMC in my neck-O-the-woods since.....I can't remember when. All show, no go, indeed, but ya gotta love their simplicity. Wish they still made just basic simple cars (and even more so trucks!) like this today, without all of the fancy technology and luxury everything.

MrObsessive said...

I once owned a '69 AMX 390 and was never really crazy about these. They're cool to see nowadays though as they are rare, and most aren't in this nice of shape. Yeah, this is definitely from the "malaise era" when the manufacturers thought that adding stripes and such might have made the car go faster! :)