1991 Audi 200 Quattro Avant.

January 25, 2017



Sneaky Pete said...

Cars from the 90's? C'monnnnnn! No. Just no.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pete, my cutoff and I think this blog's is 1995, that's the beginning of the end for vehicle aesthetics.

I've only owned one vehicle and it was a gray/black 1993 Mitsubishi Montero with leather seats. It looked rogue which is an adjective that can't be placed on hardly any vehicles ever made. Because of that there is one in Blood Diamond, in the main chase in Body of Lies and the main antagonist vehicle in Green Zone. The two latter movies are not good however it still fit well in a rough setting/environment.

Here it is by an old factory, I don't own it anymore.

Still though Ben and Tony have only posted a first-generation Montero/Pajero.

Sneaky Pete said...

Cool, Anon! At least compared to most of the bland 90's crap, that Montero had some character! My cousin had an older 2 door Montero in red- I'm glad you posted the pic 'cause that's what I was picturing when you said Montero.

If this were my site, I think c. 1984 would be my cut-off date- or maybe just say pre fuel-injection pre-front-wheel drive. To me, that's when vehicles largely stopped being interesting. Although i am partial to my '00 Excursion, though.....

Anonymous said...

Dig that butterscotch C10, too!

Anonymous said...

My cut off for old cars is 2000, ATM

Nice car, looking at its profile. Love the split glass on the lift gate

Snap a 98 Saab 9-5 wagon ;)

Sneaky Pete said...

Holy jit! I didn't even notice! To Hell with the Audi- let's see the C/K-10!

J+ said...

Any pre-1996 Audi still running is a miracle, if not a classic. Certainly worth sharing.

Brendon said...

Great website mate! I would say cars from the mid 90's are still aceptable in terms of styling. More importantly, they still have a well used charm to them.

I have a similar concept for cars I find exclusively in LA. Check it out - www.lacarspotting.com

Anup said...


1991 Audi 200 Quattro Avant is my fav car.


Sneaky Pete said...


Nice site, dude!

Anonymous said...

Anup is a spambot
(gee, go figure)

Tony Piff said...

1991 is pretty late, but we don't have a formal cutoff.

i think the crazy thing about this car is how ahead-of-its time the styling is. it looks to me like a late '90s car.

but also with the simple, honest charm of a proper long-roof.

on one hand, a german sports station wagon is kind of the ultimate daily roadtripmobile. on the other...

Thomas said...

A friend of mine has similar car, a bit older though. Make no mistake: It's a luxury car, top of the line for Audi at that time (V8 came later). Despite being an Avant.

That means it's difficult to maintain as low maintenance cost wasn't a design goal for it at any point and it's quite complex car. Heater flap adjustment by vacuum? Really? Designers have had too many beers at that point, I'm sure. (BMW at that time used stepper motors, I'm not sure if that makes sense either.)

Central locking is also vacuum operated and when the car gets old, vacuum hoses tend to leak. Nasty stuff and very hard to diagnose, even worse than broken wires.

Combine that to VAG policy where spare parts cost the same (+inflation, of course) whole life cycle of the car, meaning they are very, very expensive for an old car with market value in hundreds or one grand.

Total opposite of BMW/Mercedes who drop the spare part prices when model gets older, up to 20 years, official end of factory support.

Most parts are still available via "Mobile Tradition" (as BMW calls it), but at higher price and longer delivery times. Still much cheaper than parts for a new (similar) model.

One reason I've end of 80s BMWs and not a V8 Audi: No quattro but cheaper spare parts.

To anon: Come to North, here at least half of the Audis running are pre-1996. ;)
(Just like most other cars too, poor people and high tax on new cars means old cars are used a long time.)

Silvia John said...

My Grandfather has also the same model. But since he is no more the car was handed over to me according to his will. But the problem is I do not have any kind of idea about its function. On top of it I think it needs repairing. So I am kind of looking for an online repair manuals.

Silvia John said...
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