1968 Saab 95 Station Wagon.

April 23, 2017



Asgeir Hoffart said...

It´s almost certainly a -67. You can tell by the low windshield.

RomansRoad said...

Man, I love this site! Only here can a a great photo from an off beat part of Portland get a learned response from some expert of obscure cars presumably in Scandinavia! I had to look this car up and would love to see one in person. Very cool. Ben, we need more terrific photos....so forget about that pesky day job!

Anonymous said...

I agree I've seen every vehicle put onto this blog, I started in 2010 so it's been seven years now. My favorite one ever added is a gray four door 1st generation Mitsubishi Montero with graphics on it.

My favorite find ever personally was visiting Seattle and I went for a walk in a neighborhood and found an orange 1968 Pontiac Firebird.

I've found more rare vehicles than that, this has to be my favorite though.

RomansRoad said...

That orange Firebird is a beast!Mismatched wheels and all yet it still looks like its going 100 sitting still. I used to live in Bellevue, and it seems y'all have much better pickings than here in Dallas. Must be the rain...

Tuomas__ said...

This a find as a 95 is very rare even here in Finland, where Saab-Valmet was making them at that time and local Post was using them as delivery vans.

95/96 was also a very popular car here in late 70s, you couldn't walk at street even a minute without seeing one. Although VW Beetle was even more common.

Most of the remaining 95s here are old Post vehicles, the others have rusted away as Post rust-proofed all of their cars before taking them in use.

One of the European 7 seaters, along with Peugeot and Citroen.

Tony Piff said...

my fave configuration of this bucket-list car.

did they do the third row with sideways seating in the two-door?

J+ said...

The 95 had a 2-person rear-facing folding seat (such as 80s Volvo and Merc wagons)
The 95 was only sold as a 2 door (as was its companion 96).
Amazingly the 95 debuted in 1959 (the 96 in 1960) and was sold until 1978, 9 years after the release of the 99! The 96 was sold two more years, after the 900 was released in 1979! The final motor (1977) was 68hp, up from 65 in 1967, yikes!
(by comparison, my old 99 [an OPC sighting] had 115hp stock)
I still know several people with 95 and 96 cars in Oregon & Washington, however they are either well restored or rotted shells.
Truly SAAB version of Typ1 (if only marginally better)

Brendon said...

Love your blog! This Saab is an excellent example of a rare vehicle photographed in it's natural habitat. Keep up the great work!