1980 Jet Industries Electravan.

August 19, 2017


Weighing in at under 1500lbs and packing power from a Chevy Volt. No revs and a manual transmission?
Yes, I will experience this and yes, I will film it.


dead_elvis said...

This looks like good, weird fun.

Calvin said...

I thought an EV with a manual transmission couldn't exist? Is there a gas motor somewhere in there too?

CarOli said...

Havent been here for at least a year! Went back through the older posts and commented. Missed you guys...glad to see you are still out spotting.

I own a 2013 Volt and it has been extremely reliable. My lifetime gas mileage is 76MPG! Always thought a wrecked Volt would be a good cheap source of electric power for something like this!

Sketchy said...

The Bolt is the EV, this had a Volt power plant, which is chevy's last-gen hybrid which competed with the prius. GM is bad at names.

Anonymous said...

o old parked cars

whence thoust be?

cars rusting away

forgotten, neglected; sleeping carelessly

where’s my 67 buick

or the 88 yugo

that 76 volare

even a tempo would do

o old parked cars

thyne absence is blue

so many cars await

we miss them; it’s true

Anonymous said...

^ love

Jables (email is at this link, you'll figure it out) said...

Lookin' good! Well, murals aside. :) The owner has another EV, an Orange 70's Citicar, that is amazing as well. It sometimes makes appearances at the NoPo car outings, and he's going to have a really tough decision on which one to drive to the NW Microcar show each July.

I have an Electravan also, and (as they do when you own a super rare car like this) another one has found me. At first I was thinking parts van but it turns out that, minus some surface rust and a blown motor from the prev owner trying to tow a boat with it, it is complete and road worthy. I've sourced another motor and will be dropping it in soon, removing the rust and doing some minor body work. I'll take it to primer and put in a batch of parts I had on the shelf from when I overhauled my current van. It'll be a good starter setup for getting to know this van, 30 miles at a time.
If you're interested in taking on such a project, get in touch! I expect to do all of this Summer 2018 and would love to toss the keys to someone who would give it a good home.

Anonymous said...

No new updates in a while, where are you guys?

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon above me. Are you guys coming back anytime soon?

Tony Piff said...

Hey guys. I read these comments last night and remembered I had some cars to post.

Hard to believe this site has been running for nine years. Things have tapered off, but I don't think we'll ever stop. I'd like to publish a coffee table book.

Thanks for checking in!

Html Pro said...

hey Edelbrock 4.0 – 4.6 Cylinder Head

Ben Piff said...

Ping, just wanted to check if this comment would alert y'all about the new posts 😉.