1973 GMC Painted Desert 230.

March 6, 2018



dead_elvis said...

This might be one of the grooviest rigs you've ever posted.

Glad to see OPC is back!

Anonymous said...

It's a pity that more than half of this blog is a complete mess and there's no way to get to the early pages without clicking 'older posts' a million times.

It's sad that they don't care at all about fixing it or replying.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous #1: go make your own blog if you don't like it.

I like the site the way it is.

And dead elvis is right, this might be the coolest listing ever. One of these is in my near future. Retirement is coming, and I wanna try some snowbirding.

Richard said...

I like those colors. I was born in 70 so I remember being a kid in the 70s and seeing colors like that . Whether it was on a car or wallpaper or Saturday morning cartoon theme openings, those collars were exciting

gia said...

I like the bright color.