1976 Triumph TR7 Hardtop.

February 14, 2011



Jeff said...

These are much maligned on the intert00bz. I remember thinking how "futuristic" they looked when I was a kid (I would have been about 14 when they came out). While they may not be as classic as the earlier modeles, I still kind of like them.

Tony Piff said...

yeah, these get no respect, but ben's photos do a good job showcasing the lines. really bold!

profile shot is fantastic. i just commented on another post that i dislike flip-up headlights, but this ridiculously low hood reminds me of the design possibilities.

perfect stance on those black rims.

Anonymous said...

Nice. That looks like a "Victory Edition" model, or at least it has the striping kit and the vinyl roof. I had a TR7 from 2005-2007. -It wasn't my favorite Triumph I've ever owned but it was definitely one of my favorite (and most radical) cars I've ever had. Replacing the water pump was an awful chore and the headgasket gave me a million worries; it never failed, however. This is my favorite blog.

Patrick said...

Hello from France
Now TR7 roadster is the Poetic car of the 80'. Great driving position and head in the clouds with wheels on the road. The shape from the Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti is going to give to the rarest of the TR range the level of a top roadster model!
Patrick Tr7 driver since 1980