1963 Porsche 356 Super 90.

June 20, 2010



Unknown said...

28,500? Wow, for a Porsche of that age, i'd say that's not bad. Stunning car, too.

Ben Piff said...

I can't believe how well that lighting works, this thing is SPEC-tacular. Fairly sure that cars like this don't sell with window flyers. Interweb could definitely bring that price though.

tony said...

especially window flyers in a locked garage.

choosing between a 356 or vintage 911 will be hard, but that's a decision i'm looking forward to.

Anonymous said...

356 isn't moving and 911 is, that's the difference. ;)

Slow Porsche isn't living up to its name, but 356 is much faster than the Beetle it is based on, so ... tough decision. :)

Those who can afford, of course buy both. And an E-Type Jaguar. I know I would.