1966 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham.

June 12, 2010



Unknown said...

Such a badass, sinister looking car. Will take your pansy Prius or Yaris and annihilate it.

Anonymous said...

Tue original Green Hornet's "Black Beauty". I read that for the new movie they'll be using again a modified '66 Imperial. A beuatiful car. Is a pity the owner don't take care o it. JJMM

Anonymous said...

Actually, the car in the picture is my '66 New Yorker.
I drove it out from NYC eight years ago; just before I started having trouble with my eyesight. At long last, I am able to see clearly again, so the car will be back on the road this month (Jan. 2011).
For those who are interested, it's an 82,000 mile, 3-owner car. I added the Cop/Taxi wheels and 235/75R-15 tires because it sits too low with modern tires otherwise: Bias plys were 82 aspect ratio.

Richard said...

I love those cars. Especially the taillights