1970 Rover 2000TC P6.

September 12, 2010


...10/15/2010 update: buy it at Uncle Zak's!


Ben Piff said...

Rover gets my vote for best factory wheel in the 60s.

Tony Piff said...

ho jeez where to start?

if we can continue getting one tc2000 every 877 posts, i'd say we are doing alright.

looks to be the same street as this, yeah? need to spend more time in that neighborhood.

Michael Orr said...

Nice find! Reminds me of my old favorite from my old neighborhood: http://bridgetownblog.wordpress.com/2010/05/01/end-of-an-era/.

Justin said...

WOW. Beautiful car.
Whatever happened to the other 2000?

Michael Orr said...

It's currently in a lot at the corner of NW Northrup and 21st. I saw it on Friday night, still sitting there, untroubled.

Jay Dee Gee said...

Wow. Great looking car! The rims remind me a bit of the late-60s GTX wheels. And that Rover emblem is THE best, by far, automotive emblem I've ever seen!