1975 Datsun 710 Wagon.

September 26, 2010



Justin said...

Man, I love the 710. Look at the texture on that bumper!

Ben Piff said...

The owner (visible behind car) was so cool, this was the second 710 wagon he'd owned, the first he said was really nice until some idiot t-boned it. He also told me some awesome stories about adventures in his FJ40, and how he dreams to use it for some more.

Unknown said...

I was looking closely at this because I swear it could be the ACTUAL car I grew up with (we sold it on the border of Washington state in the late '80s) when I noticed the FJ40 parked parked in front of it. THAT IS THE OTHER CAR MY FAMILY HAD IN THE '70S. Same color and everything. Mind blown.