Studebaker Preserve, Part 3 of 6: 1960 Lark.

April 20, 2011


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Tony Piff said...

how many bad cars does it take to make one good one? jeesh. this is stressing me out, though the glimpse of the background in the final shot is absolutely titillating.

cadmiumblu said...

My Grandma had one of these for years in the 1960's. It was a very low maintenance car. She mentioned on a few occasions how glad she was to have the Stoodee Lark because it cost her so little to buy and to drive.

Anonymous said...

I've got one just like it only mine has 34800 original miles, does it best work about 45 mph, has the original paint, original drivetrain(259 v8/w a 2 speed automatic), original interior and the seals are soft and supple after over 50 years of being stored inside after its brief outings. In conclusion....keep your car inside.