1984 Mercury Topaz GS.

August 24, 2012

I can't help but think this brings us a step closer to the elusive first-gen Ford Taurus.
1984 Mercury Topaz GS Sedan.
 1984 Mercury Topaz GS Sedan.
 1984 Mercury Topaz GS Sedan.


Anonymous said...

Sh#t box then, sh#t box now. The tarus was just larger.

Jim said...

These were so much better than what came before that they seemed revolutionary. That doesn't make them good, though!

Justin said...

Awesome find, these are rare as hell. Love the tail lights on this gen of Topaz.

slimwhitman said...

They may be rare now, but even two remaining seems like one too many. My college roommate had one just like this. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

My high school buddy sold his '79 regal and bought one of these because his girlfriend didn't like the older car. When I think about that, it's a wonder we're all still friends (said ex girlfriend included). That topaz was awful.