1987 Nissan Stanza GXE Sedan.

August 1, 2012

1987 Nissan Stanza GXE Sedan.

1987 Nissan Stanza GXE Sedan.


slimwhitman said...

My grandpa owns this exact car in teal. It is in perfect condition and a funny sight to see. A rare sight in the Midwest. I used to think I wanted it when he stopped driving, but I think I have lost interest. It really is a boring car. I just retired his previous car, a '81 Datsun 810 Maxima. That one was more interesting.

Ben Piff said...

I can't fathom taking a picture of one of these, let alone with those meshie hubcaps.

Tony Piff said...

can't fathom? you didn't even know the stanza was available as a sedan!

i didn't anyway.

Justin said...

These are rare, there's a light crap brown one still buzzing around here.
Almost every one of these i've seen seems to have those faux meshie Walmart hubcaps, haha.

Anonymous said...

My wife had one of these when we got married.

Such an anonymous car to look at, inside and out, and to drive.

Was dependable though.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? I own one now. Had it for 15yrs,and its still running.

Anonymous said...

I have the same car to but cant find parts for it .