1972 Dodge Colt Station Wagon.

July 25, 2013



Anonymous said...

Wow! That is an extremely rare little wagon. I doubt I'll ever see one again.

Great find.

Anonymous said...

Never saw one before until this.

Tony Piff said...

i would shit my pants.

actually, i just did.

i'd say the "colt" tag has turned a corner.

great white tiburon said...

rare indeed, and it looks awesome with a dropped stance, it's a subtle custom touch.

Moltenburn said...

Wow! Early Galant Wagon, you never see these in the states. I agree on the dropped stance makes the car look wicked. Heck of a find my friend.

sexyhammer said...

are kids these days actually saying "dropped stance" instead of "lowered?" must be akin to calling wheels "rims," then "offsets."

Mikael said...

That is a stunningly beautiful station wagon, I must say.

I raise my hat to the design department - as well as to OPC for discovering this rare little gem.

Jay Tyan said...

oh wow, from afar that strip of little flames could be mistaken for more shiny trim, haha

great white tiburon said...

hey sexyhammer, you can call it whatever you like. whether you call it lowered,dropped,slammed,sittin low etc. it all comes down to the fact that the suspension is not stock height and there is many words used to describe it. saying any one of them is not segregated by what age you are.
as far as calling rims "offsets", that pertains to two different things about the structure of the wheel. calling rims "barrels", more suits your judgmental insult.

SeattleO said...

I'd say something, but I can't think of words to describe how cool this is.

Justin said...

I can only imagine how this would look with a set of Ansen Sprints.

sexyhammer said...

gwt i had you pegged as the type to get butthurt easily. thanks for confirming that notion.

"stance" is the illest new term to describe hellaflush fitment, and so including the "dropped" seemed redundant to me. i was asking if that's an actual term being used since it's becoming harder to stay in front of these automotive styling fads as they come and go. if you're not already aware, people are referring to their wheels as "offsets," and i have seen several examples of this happening - mostly in crappy craigslist ads where the colloquialisms are so thick you can barely make out the factual content.

now that i've broken it down for you, understand that my comment in and of itself wasn't judgmental toward you. have a beer and enjoy your weekend.

great white tiburon said...

why my dear sexy hammer, I'm not butthurt at all, perhaps I came off that way and for that I apologize. in the past you may have said things that possibly would have made me a little butthurt for the soul reason that you prejudged me, but I have since shrugged it off so I have really no hard feelings towards you. perhaps I did misunderstand parts of your comment, I was not aware some people nowadays call wheels "offsets".
I respect your knowledge and opinion, but if I got something I wanna say I'm gonna say it. if I feel I have been wronged I'm gonna let that person know what and why, it has nothing to do with being butthurt. If I were genuinely butthurt I could have just spewed pointless insults at you, but that would have just made things worse and been an utter waste of time.

thanks for explaining and I hope you enjoy your weekend also.


btw, nice cressida wagon, wouldn't mind having one myself.

CarOli said...

Great find...love the look. Pure Japanese styling.

Mitsubishi kept selling this same rear-drive Galant as the Colt Wagon all the way through the early 80s with minor facelifts:


Unknown said...

sexyhammer must be a VW guy
one of them 'scenesters
s'all good man
i agree on slamming almost everything i drive...static ONLY
and low-stance is a beautiful thing

Unknown said...

F@$king beautiful ride. My mom had one when I was in high school so I actually got to do my manual driving lessons with this wagon! Took it to hell and back. From TOOL concerts to alpine camping trips. Never any troubles. Totally took the beating. Love and miss the colt. So glad to see appreciation for them still. Beautiful car...��

Suzan Baker said...

It was mostly a family car. wasn't it?
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Patricia Carter said...

I think this is supposed to be a mini van of certain era.
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