1982 Subaru GL "Cyclops."

August 11, 2013

1982 Subaru GL Cyclops Wagon.
1982 Subaru GL Cyclops Wagon.
Subaru Cyclops headlight.
1982 Subaru GL Cyclops Wagon.


great white tiburon said...

that center light is called a "passing light" or beam. the way I understand it is it was a bright that looked like a low to oncoming drivers.
it was operated by a switch on the turn signal stalk, and when you turned it on the center badge door would flip up and it would give you the seeing distance of the brights without blinding the oncoming driver.
great lookin subie wagon, it looks good with the spring tension turned all the way up in the back to give it that jacked up rear end look. still imo one of the best rim styles ever created, they have a little deeper offset, so it sort of has a mild deep dish look and the spoke design is nice and simple.
great to see a rarer optioned wagon still runnin around.

nitrous for cars said...
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cher.monsieur@gmail.com said...

triclops. there was a tatra with three lights like that but it looked more like a train.

Dan from Phoenix said...

Nice, I'm a bog fan of old Subarus. I like the unique look, sound and configuration of their engines too. Those flat 4 engines sound a little beetle-y. And I also like how the spare tire is under the hood.

Moltenburn said...

Wow I got all excited to see this car on the Blog. I remember valeting many moons ago at the Casinos in Blackhawk. One of our gambler types had a 4 dour version w/ the center light. I accidentally hit said stalk switch and was blown away by how cool that was it had a 3rd light. To bad the DOT made things like this illegal on our cars.

Justin said...

The Cyclops, by far, the coolest GL of this gen.

Ben Piff said...

If this is a real thing, it may be the coolest thing I've seen in a while. Wait, what do I have to compare this to?