Three Jeeps Deep: 1942 Ford GPW.

October 4, 2013



Tony Piff said...

flat fenders!

in all seriousness, there is no vehicle i want more at this very second.

i don't care whether it's jeep or ford, military or civilian issue, army green or periwinkle blue. i just want to flip the windshield flat and commute every day across the pdx bridges.

i'm surprised it's taken this long to gnab a photo of one.

i trailed one around inner Southeast one morning. he was pushing the thing really hard, which was awesome until he lost me and i didn't get my picture. this looks like the right vehicle and the right neighborhood.

wonderful blue sky.

Tony Piff said...

and remind me to show you my new hat.

Anonymous said...

So rugged.

Anonymous said...

All this nice cars 40-s, 50-s, 60-s... Is it museum cars, or owners use them every day?

Ben Piff said...

Tony, you're going to need one of these anti-decapitation devices on the front when you start the window down commute.