1969 Kaiser M35.

January 30, 2014



Dave said...

This looks like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

In the city? In what way would that be fun? To park? To navigate narrow streets? Can you say overcompensating?

dead_elvis said...

@Anonymous - settle down there, dingus. Why assume the owner lives in the city? (And take a look at that particular street - doesn't exactly look too crowded.)

I'm sorry your browser's stuck on OPC & you can't possibly look away.

Also - to confirm what Dave said, these are a LOT of fun, especially of pavement.

Tony Piff said...

i'm totally down with military vehicles parked curbside with current plates inside the city limits.

i've got one of these that i've been hunting. i've shot it a few times but hadn't posted anything yet because i wasn't satisfied with the images. i actually figured this was the same rig when you posted it and thought "aw shucks" but no--two different downtown kaiser M35s.

i can tell you that i appreciate how challenging it is to get a decent composition on one of these--they're so big and so shadowy, and any structure in the background looks like cargo--as in the case of right half of shot #3.

sweet find. love the neighborhood. the craftsman bungalow in shot #1 reminds me of when our house used to be blue and white.

Justin said...

Now there's a truck that could drive to Hell and back.