1966 Volvo 122S.

January 11, 2014

1969 Volvo Amazon 122S.
1969 Volvo Amazon 122S.
1969 Volvo Amazon 122S.


Dave said...

My uncle had one of these. It's so ugly that you can't stop looking at it.

JJ McMahon said...

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; so I suppose some, like me, love this Volvos, and some, like Dave, didn't. Even so, these cars made a lot to build Volvo's magnificent reputation and, in fact, over the years proved to be excellent cars. And this one looks to be a good example of that!

Stigge said...

Front grille is pre 1967 and steering wheel is pre 1968.

sexyhammer said...

i love this car. one was offered not too long ago in my area "for parts," and thoughts of a turbo b-series motor under an otherwise stock and unassuming body briefly played out in my mind... hopefully someone out there picked it up and resurrected it.

not too long ago i caught one at an intersection waiting on a green light. by the time i raised my phone to snap a picture, the driver had seen me and started to accelerate away as if he didn't want to be photographed. i managed to get him in motion with a dreary overcast December sky and some very old buildings being renovated as a backdrop; you'd have sworn it was taken somewhere in Europe in the early 80's.

Dylan Berichon said...

I'm the owner of the car pictured here.

For those that wonder, it's a 1966 Volvo 122s. I've replaced the original drive train with a beefed up b-20 engine and a m-41 transmission (4 speed with OD). Suspension has been beefed up big time as well; this thing handles like a Volvo 240.

Rear end damaged happend at a stop light in May of 2012, Front end damage happend in July of 2013.

The previous owner changed the front nose piece and painted the car it's current green color. (It was originally a lighter "lime" green color.)

Tony Piff said...

i corrected the year in the post title.

thanks for the info, dylan!