1972 Datsun 510.

January 6, 2014



Anonymous said...

the 510 calls to me. even if it
had holes in the floors (which
many do) and a knock in the
motor id drop my bank account
for one.

Chris M. said...

Loving the alloys (early 80's Maxima maybe?) and that giant chin spoiler is...interesting. Cool to see an otherwise original-looking 510 sedan though.

Justin said...

Yup, those are off a first gen Maxima. Looks very good with them, I gotta say.

Tony Piff said...

yeah, it's not stock, but you hardly notice the custom touches.

i want a 510 so bad it hurts, and four doors, please.

great setting, too. is this... northwest industrial?

sexyhammer said...

acceptable wheels would be any 13- or 14-inch period design (libres, turbines, slot mags) with goodyear radial t/a's in the appropriate width and sidewall measurements.

the airdam is great, may even be from the same era the car is from.

Manuko said...

OK, now i'll understand the line of the Nissan IDx concepts…available soon !