1973 Dodge Dart.

January 5, 2014



clifton.ra said...

Don't fence me in.

Anonymous said...

I had to roam so I picked up the phone
Dialed Ali up to see what was going down
Told him I pick him up so we could drive around
Took the Dodge Dart, a '74
My mother left a yard but I needed one more - A Tribe Called Quest

miatabug said...

Ahhh, I had a '73 Duster that was black over yellow. I loved that car 'til a DUI in a stolen car ran a red light and finished it.

Justin said...

Anon...Left my wallet in El Segundo. Classic track.

Tony Piff said...

great angles. i love how much sky you managed to fit into these shots, considering the obstructions. the profile shot is completely successful.

i can't tell if the plates are current, but so happy to see this yard car with inflated tires and four intact hubcaps.

a malaise-mobile that just looks straightup happy.