1964 Rambler Classic 660, Revisited!

April 7, 2015


Last seen in the early days of the blog (click here), have you seen all the posts from 2010?


Tony Piff said...

thin-stripe whitewalls on body-colored steelies with chrome hubcaps looking so freaking good.

man, that thing is clean. i'd guess it'd been restored, except no one in his right mind would restore a four-door rambler.

such an opc.

Anonymous said...

I've seen every post on the blog to answer Ben's question. I will continue for the rest of my life or as long as it is here. I am about the same age as you if not a couple years younger so I'm looking forward to many great finds in the future.

Last time I was in Seattle I went on a walk in a neighborhood roughly around 75th and Fremont Ave. and found one of my favorite old parked cars of all time, an orange 1968 Firebird:

Not the most unique vehicle I've found but it just has a rugged and cool presence that makes it stand out.