Re-revisited: 1978 Audi Fox.

April 11, 2015

1978 Audi Fox
1978 Audi Fox
1978 Audi Fox

I remember how excited I was when I photographed this Audi way back in 2010. I had figured out where the car lived, just 10 blocks from my office, but it left early each morning. I think I witnessed it driving away on two different occasions before I made it there it in time to shoot it. But before I could post my photos, Ben beat me to it.

He had blogged the first Old Parked Audi Fox just a few months prior, and getting sniped on this one was salt in the wound. That his shots came out better than mine was little comfort.

A year later Ben photographed it again — this time its roof adorned with, of all things, a pizza delivery sign. (You should click the "pizza" tag right now.)

I took these photos in 2013 but forgot to post them, probably because I was so consumed with our home renovation. The very nice rack setup confirms the car hauls more than just pizza.


Veggie said...

The way that bike rack is installed looks very dangerous.

Spitfire said...

Is this the only car to be revisited twice?

Anonymous said...

I love the written narrative added to the post. Thanks for sharing. Really helps me appreciate the sweetness and nuance of your perspective. You guys make this look so easy.

Ben Piff said...

@Spitfire, Ha, nearly!

The other one that comes to mind is the car that inspired this blog. I'm definitely interested in re-visiting cars more than once.