1987 Mercury Tracer hatchback.

April 6, 2015

1987 Mercury Tracer hatchback
1987 Mercury Tracer hatchback
1987 Mercury Tracer hatchback


Anonymous said...

Also known as Ford Laser. Google the TX3 ;)

Anonymous said...

Mazda 323 based?

Anonymous said...

Bad engineered I'd say.

Although the FOMOCO models had a better looking tailgate, as it is slightly curved, at least compared with the Colombian spec 323 I knew.

buk said...

Yes...under it all sits a Mazda 323, which btw are a good 80's, no frills economy car.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I always suspected but wasn't certain. 323s were baller, this not as much.

Anonymous said...

Oops, it should have read BADGE engineered.

hp kid said...

Were these photos taken in Duluth?

Thomas said...

I had a '88 Mazda 323 many years, no wonder this was looking very familiar. :)

It rusted away and had to be scrapped. :(

Otherwise quite reliable small family car for short distances.

Anything above 100 miles wasn't fun but good mpg, ~33 on average town&road including winter,with 1600cc engine and 5-speed gearbox.

Not a fast far but adequate for a daily driver mostly used for commuting.

Justin said...

These things used to be everywhere. I've only seen one buzzing around the past 2 or so years. Pretty interesting rebadge of the 323, not as bizzare as the Sao Penza though.