1967 Mercury Comet Caliente.

September 21, 2015



Justin said...

Looks mean as hell, perfect stance with those fat lettered tires and slotted mags.
I remember either Seattle's Parked Cars or Seattle's Classics posting this as well.

Richard said...

That entered my head as well Justin !!!!!!

carmilevy said...

You grabbed it in the perfect location, too! That colour absolutely resonates. What a fantastic find!

sexyhammer said...

This is almost cheating. The car's been gone over by someone with a good eye. Color is perfect, stance is exactly how I'd set mine. This somehow accomplishes looking sedate and sinister at the same time.

You'd almost expect some flavor of warmed-over smallblock under the hood. But the owner knows what's up. He built it to look just sporty enough that you'd want line up at the stoplight next to him and blip the throttle a couple of times to get his attention. If it was any more of a sleeper, you'd almost give it a pass as a golden oldie - all original and the owner is more concerned with sterile originality than showing off between intersections. But you'd fall into his trap if you believed that. This is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and he WANTS you to see the glint of his teeth.

I sincerely hope that this guy has a kill list as long as his skidmarks to show for his efforts.