1987 Ford E350 by Cabriolet.

September 20, 2015



Anonymous said...

That's an E350 by Cabriolet, purpose built to tow trailers.


Mavanerick said...

Dreamer RV also built fifth wheel haulers from various makes of vans. The window style on this one looks more like their general layout to me.

Here's one example: Dodge Dreamer on barnfinds.com

sexyhammer said...

The sign in the background says it all. OKIES are guilty of committing the most counter-intuitive of road-related sins. I'm used to seeing these parked at the stops along the rural 2-lane highways that connect the "major" population centers in Texas. They served long lives as haulers of horse or racecar trailers, maybe camper toters in their long lifespans. Always awkward thanks in part to their proportions and their owners, but never lacking in that unique and attention-grabbing "IT" factor that gives you pause as you drive past.

Not sure what gives these customs the edge over a pickup with a fifth-wheel setup instead of the standard bed, but from growing up in a conversion van transversing the country many times over, I can say it is definitely "unique" if nothing else. I'd rather stand in the ample space afforded by a truck body to to work than dig through the doghouse in the passenger cabin. Maybe that's reflected by the fact that you don't see these being built in modern times.

In any case, it would seem that those that are leftover from that bygone time have some interesting stories to tell. For sure.