1990 Eagle Talon TSi.

March 8, 2016



Anonymous said...

An unicorn has been found! So cool to see one of these without the FF treatment

Caleb Miller said...

The Eagle Talon is one of my favorite cars, definitely considering it as a first car. I love the blacked out roof and rear spoiler.

Justin said...

I think this was the first car sold that came with an aux jack on the head unit.

sexyhammer said...

these 1g cars were so clean. the later nose emblem treatment was absolutely ridiculous. if we're being honest with ourselves, any 1g tristar without popups is, from an aesthetic standpoint, worthless. these got extra points for the two-tone treatment, but until the facelifted 2g eclipse there really wasn't a version of the DSM for which the looks lived up to the (potential) performance.

the talon/laser/eclipse has always been the go-to for guys that embrace the latter of the "reliable - cheap - fast" spectrum. almost a proto-SRT demographic if you care to study them in their natural habitat: dedicated forums and convenience store parking lots. they're the shady 25-year-old dropout that dated the hot girl you wanted to hook up with in high school. probably a shift manager at a mall-based retailer dealing weed on the side. the car itself is one of those that causes you to shake your head and wonder how anything with dragon seat covers and tire shop rims could ever be as quick as it is. it smells like mildew from leaky top seals and grape blunts from the shake and ash all over the interior.

it's bittersweet to encounter one on the road these days. they've become relatively rare even in the rust-free parts of the US. seeing one elicits a similar reaction to seeing a scruffy, scrappy but lovable mutt in an abusive owner's possession; you want to save it, but you question the logic of taking on such a big responsibility.

Tony Piff said...

tremendous opc find, benny.

i should copy/paste sexyhammer's words to the wikipedia page and link to these comments as the citation.

Unknown said...

I honestly think the non flip up headlight 1g's are better looking. Flip up headlights have always been stupid, overcomplicated and weigh a ton!

Its a shame that the FF movies have basically destroyed all of these cars. Those movies suck anyway and anyone who liked them is a douche bag.

Like any car if you take care of it , it will last. The trouble is that most of these were and are owned by morons who think ordering crap from JC whitney and JEGS qualifies as being a car builder. Bolting on catalog crap is NOT car building or customization.

Will said...

I've got an identical '91. All OEM condition. Had it for 14 years.

A sister also had an identical '91 they bought new. Her car would break the timing belt at 40k miles (twice). She had a dealer do a full service at 100k, and the engine blew 100 miles later. A mitsu TSB told the dealers to locktite the nut on the oil pump drive pulley anytime they were into the belt area. They didn't, and it came loose. The Mitsu dealer told them to piss off, and thought they had made a smart move. Dad lived on the opposite coast, and his friend was a district rep for Mitsubishi. He had the car with broken engine, and all the paperwork from it's service history. I was told that this incident was costly for the dealership, and the various dealer people involved.

After she gave the 7 yo car to our dad, he started to deal in them. He made the observation that the Talon had internal body bracing that the other two brands did not. (He had an autobody shop.) Said that it made the body stiffer, which improved the handling, and that they developed less squeaks and rattles as they aged. (he was a former stock car racer)

These cars will pull redline in high gear, which was 140mph indicated.

Unknown said...

The Talon had internal body bracing that the other two brands did not? That's BS. All three brands had the same structure. The only differences were the trim, wheels, and styling elements.