1961 Dodge Lancer 770.

July 25, 2016



Sneaky Pete said...

Darn! This has to be the nicest, most well-preserved Lancer I've ever seen. I'm not really a fan of these, but DARN!, ya just gotta love this one!!! Beautiful! And considering that these things were rust magnets, and fell apart pretty soon, it makes ya wonder how this one was so well-preserved, whether it's a resto or not. (Do I see some rust start to bubble under the paint on the top side of the front left fender?)

Anonymous said...

If you take away the chrome and the side fins, you can kind of see a late 70s Nova.

Anonymous said...

I need more old parked cars now :D just kidding, take your time.

Sneaky Pete said...

I think by now they've photographed all of the old cars in Portland (I think that's where they are...) at least once (In some cases 2 or 3 times). Maybe they need to expand their bounds a little.

We want more old cars! We want more old cars!

The beauty of this site (as compared to most others) is that these are real cars! (as opposed to show cars and trailer queens). IMO, the fussed-over show cars are so boring. It's GREAT seeing these old drivers and just old neglected parked cars in the wild!

Rainer said...

Actually it would be cool if the Piff boys would accept occasional guest submissions from others in the Portland metro area. I live in Vancouver and come across a lot of neat stuff.

Anonymous said...

Your probably close to right Pete, they've covered most of Portland most likely.

I still believe there is a GMC Sprint hidden somewhere, I've been waiting for that for a long time.

Here are some other super rare cars that haven't been found by them yet:

Muntz Jet (In the movie Toys with Robin Williams)
Lamborghini LM-002 (also in Toys)
Fargo pickup (although it's a Canadian vehicle)
Plymouth Scamp GT (Extremely rare and I did see one on Ebay once)
De Tomaso Mangusta and Vallelunga (A Mangusta is Bill's car in Kill Bill 2)

I'm happy that they found an early Plymouth Trailduster because I had also been waiting for that.

WPamplify said...

This is in excellent shape and the red color is so vibrant and bright. A real classic.

Unknown said...

That's my car- I'm the 2nd owner. The original owner took great care of it. No rust except the trunk lid drip tray, easy fix. 3-speed floor shift 225 iron block. Engine rebuild, respray original red, seats and headliner.

Tony Piff said...

Thanks so much for the comments, guys! The slowdown of posts has less to do with supply of cars, and more to do with supply of time. Ben and I are both much busier now than when we started the blog seven years ago. I've had a second child, and Ben now has two, not to mention our growing careers.

But the bigger factor is just higher standards. In the early years, we really focused on quantity; these days, quality is far more important. We want every car to be a real-deal Old Parked Car survivor that gives you that instant shot of WTF?! And we care about image quality, too -- nice cameras, nice lenses, nice lighting.

Thanks to Ben for keeping things going. I've been slacking. Maybe I can dig up something to post right now...

Oh, and nice find, Ben. I kind of think the blog should be Portland specific, but detail-focuses readers will notice Washington plates on this car and many of the posts from the past year.