1978 AMC AMX.

September 3, 2016



Sonoboy said...

The state of Alabama actually used these as State Trooper vehicles at the time. Decked out in the standard colors (dark blue and grey, if memory serves) and with a single large 'bubble-gum machine' blue (or were they still red?) light on top, it made for an imposing vehicle that would require one to be crazy to try and outrun.

The one thing that is engraved in my memory was the notification sticker on the dash of the vehicle. I and a couple of friends were admiringly scoping out the vehicle parked outside a restaurant while the trooper was inside having lunch. There on the engine-turned dash was the sign "AT SPEEDS IN EXCESS OF 130 MPH, ROLL UP WINDOWS". Needless to say, we were impressed.

Anonymous said...

Alabama used Javelins... not Concords.

Sonoboy said...

AAHHH...I stand corrected on the model. It was the dash notice that's ingrained in memory...

Tony S said...

Oh man that place looks like AMC Heaven!

I hope we get to see the Gremlin and other Eagle some time soon.

Sneaky Pete said...

Hmmm, makes me wonder if the troopers in Louisiana used Renault Le Cars? And if so, did they have a sticker on the dash that said "At speeds above 42MPH...uh, disregard, it'll never happen!"?

Anonymous said...

@ anon, they kind of resemble police in Mad Max, I didn't know those were used for that.

clifton.ra said...

In my 455 rocket
The kind the police drive
Couldn't harldy wait just to take my turn
She was made for the strait ways
She grew up hatin' Cheverolets
She's a rocket she was made to burn

I'm tellin' you and I ain't ashamed
I cried when that wrecker came
As we skid, I thought I heard the angels sing
(sounded like the beach Boys)
And the curb, and began to sail
Took out most of the safety rails
Even the cop asked me
"man, what you have in that thing"

Read more: Kathy Mattea - 455 Rocket Lyrics | MetroLyrics

urojaptrash luver said...

His AMC collection is impressive

urojaptrash luver said...

His AMC collection is impressive

Sneaky Pete said...

All those AMC's..... Bet while the pics were being taken, the guy was inside watching a Betamax! :D

great white tiburon said...

Wow, you finally spotted one. looks like my concord amx except this one's missing the flares and the flaming hornet on the hood. In my opinion the flares make the look this car, it just doesn't look right without them. quite a collection indeed. eagle sx4, two eagle kammbacks and a spirit as well as the amx, he or she is a one for the more obscure amc's as am I.

Tony Piff said...

jeez, our first amx, and it's a '78? LOL

i had no idea.

important question: is it white or off-white? BECAUSE.