1967 Datsun 411 Wagon.

July 30, 2017



Glenn said...

I'm trying to place those rims. Definitely look 1980's Nissan. Maybe 280zx.

Justin said...

This thing looks mean as hell with those grimy early 80's 280ZX "Swastika" wheels. Best of material.

Anonymous said...

The turbo badge on the grille and the BW A/T are gold. The wheels are right there with Saab's Incas. So much character.

sexy hammer said...

the swastikas are great on this, only thing that could possibly be better would be Libre/Viper 13s wearing NOS goodyear eagles. perfect driver, never have to worry about parking next to a shopping cart corral or leaving it out in the elements. some of the details are a little contrived, but overall its got so much character that its literally leaking out of the rusty brown holes.

wonder what's under the hood? i think a ka24e with a junkyard turbo setup would be appropriate if building a period-correct race prepped l-series is out of the question due to budget and scarcity of parts.

bEmpey said...

Nice Early Nissan Crossover!
So, when I look at the side profile, squint my eyes a bit, I see .... a Range Rover!
(pre BMW ... the proper Range Rovers)
too bad those Borg Warner slush-boxes shifted at such low (American V8) RPMs.
The engines never had a chance to put out any power with the A/T.

Unknown said...

Has an a1200 in it and manual trans