1980 Rover SD1 3500.

July 21, 2017

1980 Rover SD1 3500 V8
1980 Rover SD1 3500 V8
1980 Rover SD1 3500 V8


sexy hammer said...

elements of NUMMI Corolla, A40 Celica, Ferrari 365 GTB/4 in there. Excellent alloy design, those HUGE badges on the rear must be an attempt to keep people from asking "What the heck is that?" in every parking lot.

Love the tiny Union Jacks on the fenders. Hate the giant American safety reg buggy pushers.

J+ said...

Wow, how did that get there!
What a horrible car. Looks like it was designed in sections by two or three different blokes, and only the guy on the rear kept his mind on the job / wasn't smashed.
The front end looks so miserable.
I think the giant badges are a warning to those behind to keep distance
bonus feature: tell car burglars h thieves "move along, nothing to see here"

Justin said...

I KNEW one of you guys would find one of these eventually!
Best of material, for sure. (even though you guys have ceased doing that due to how busy you are)

Tony Piff said...

a sure sign that your car is a good one: when it's found this at a donate-your-wreck-to-charity lot.

there's another one of these in town. i've seen it driving twice, plus offered for sale on ebay.

thought this was it, but it's not. so keep your eyes peeled.

thanks, guys.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 with proper aero headlamps amd chrome bumpers close to where I sit. Nice find

Richard said...

Nice car I wonder if it's comfortable for the front and rear passengers . I'd love to hear that European horn

Ben Piff said...

This is unbelievable. And does it remind anyone of Jeremy Clarkson's "Full Throttle" video? @18:17 http://putlockertv.ist/watch/oxQ6Q8Gn-jeremy-clarkson-at-full-throttle.html and again at 44:39.