1971 Checker Marathon Wagon.

March 4, 2018



Richard said...

"The iron bastard"

Ryan Leschen said...

I like this type of car. The 1963 Checker Marathon was an improvement of the organization's 1956 A8 taxi, and the new auto was offered as both a taxi and for non military personnel utilize. It is most broadly connected with the New York City streets cape of the second 50% of the Twentieth Century, and the Marathon was just inconspicuously not quite the same as its forerunner, with a marginally extraordinary front guard. Beside the standard car, an eight-traveler station wagon was offered, just like an eight-traveler town limousine. my best essay writing service also providing different type of essay related service It has some good data, which is framed plainly.Continue sharing such awesome and gainful post.

Ronald Meyers said...

Very nice car to have.
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Jacob Benjamin said...

It's my favorite.
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