1977 Volkswagen Dasher.

October 27, 2020



AGabor said...

Passat B1 in Europe.

Oy Murray said...

To Hell with the Dasher (Sounds like something Santa Claus might say, no?)- I want to see that green Ford pick'em-up that's parked in front of it!

Welcome back, guys! Happy that this site is being resurrected!

Ben Piff said...

Hey Oy Murray, suggestion noted! Back when I was shooting more, I felt like Ford F series pickups were too common to count. But I'll keep a closer eye out for good examples.

Thomas__ said...

First generation Passat is a very rare sight even here in EU by now, good find.

The thing I don't understand with this car is that it's not a hatchback: Rear window (and rear seat) is solid and you've only a small trunk lid underneath it.

Possibly inherited from 412 sedan which is basically the same car, just engine& gearbox swapped from rear to front. Also, -74 (when this model was introduced, it was too early for large hatchbacks, possibly:

Models like Audi Avant and Saab CombiCoupe were several years in the future at this point.

412 didn't need a large lid as the rear had only engine. For reference: