1979 GMC Sierra 35 3+3 Truck.

October 23, 2020

Happy 2020 OPC fans!
Time has flown, but we're back! Tell your friends, forums, and social media. I'd like to catch you up on the blog, and ask you some questions. I'm in the process of combing through my photo archive for cars that I forgot to post. So you may see a slightly different flow of content than the usual while I get caught up (a bit more 70s brown, some more revisits, etc). My preference has always been maximum variety of vehicle year, make, model, color, and body type, but we'll have to see what we find. I broke my trusty Nikon D70 a couple years ago and have primarily been shooting with phone since then. Now I have the DSLR bug again. But you will see some phone shots mixed in too, and I welcome any feedback about image quality in the comments. What do you think about phone vs DSLR? What would you like to see more of? Tony and I have each gotten continually busier with our 2 kids each, as well as career change. But we'll continue to keep this dream alive. Follow us on instagram @oldparkedcars and subscribe to the blog so you never miss a thing.
Much love, Ben Piff


AGabor said...

Hello Ben! Welcome return! I love your work and your pictures about old cars. From time to time i checked the site maybe you return and i see you did. Don't stop it! Please! Friendly hug, Gabriel.

Ben Piff said...

Thank you Gabriel! It's great to be back.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Welcome Back! Look forward to the updates..

Anonymous said...

I just found your website, and am hooked!
I appreciate whatever you deem worth of sharing,

Thank you

Ben Piff said...

Thanks Anon! How far back into our archive have you gone? I think we've posted around 3200 cars. Keep the comments coming.

Ace McGraw said...

I have rediscovered this page again after a gap of about 2 years! So glad to be posting, and as I sit here in COVID Lockdown UK, this bit of escapism is exactly what I need!

In terms of photos, I'm not sure if I've noticed that much difference in quality between phone and camera photos. That's the beauty of phones these days - I've got a 5 year old Samsung and it still takes amazing photos.