1957 Ford Ranch Wagon.

November 30, 2020



The Professor said...

Great find in a cool two-tone paint job. These '57 Fords are much scarcer today than their Chevrolet brethren. But I can't help but look at this car and wonder why someone would spec what appears to be a fairly high-end two-door wagon. It's the exact same body shell as the Country Sedan (the four-door wagon); the only appreciable difference is the lack of rear doors (which most people would want, surely; there's no downside). And the $150 price difference ($1,415 today), but if money were that much of an object wouldn't you get the base model, not this optioned-up one? It just doesn't make that much sense -- maybe that's why two-door wagons were already on their way out when this Ranch Wagon was made, almost as quickly as they arrived on the automotive scene.

(Also, side note: I'm so glad y'all are posting again. I started following this site almost ten years ago when I was but a sprightly youngster, and it was the primary motivator for me to start my own search for Old Parked Cars around the same time. I've had the site bookmarked ever since then, and when it went dormant all of last year a little part of my childhood seemed to disappear with it. But now the good memories are flowing again. I hope that OPC still brings you as much joy as it has for me over the years, and that y'all keep it up as long as it still does.)

Anonymous said...

That is quite a wonderful wagon.
These wagons were rolling at some level and they aren't coming back.
I don't care about the tech/physics, I would still take this over a new SUV any day.

Anonymous said...

Meant to type "Rolling Art", not "at" in comment above.

Ben Piff said...

Good to see you Professor! I really appreciate your comment too.