1981 Lada 1500s.

November 6, 2020



Thomas__ said...

Russian plates and in the US?

This guy is *really* lost. ;)

(... and yea, I noticed local plate at rear window, but that's the feel you get from this).

Really rare find I assume?

Here in Northern EU, bordering Russia, Lada was at point one of the most common cars, especially in mid-70s. Cheap, mid-sized family car (by European standards of course: Larger than a Beetle) and still moderately competitive (compared to other eurocars) at that time.

Ace McGraw said...

My family had three Lada's in a row in the 80s when I was a kid. None looked as smart as this, and I think all were estates (wagons in American speak!). Dirt cheap, but the butt of so many jokes as I was growing up. Probably just slightly better than Skoda. But I now own a Skoda, and its bloody nice!