1961 Ford Falcon Wagon.

March 6, 2012



Adam Holter said...

Awesome. I've been eyeing up a '61 Falcon in my neck of the woods...not nearly in the shape this one is in.

Anonymous said...

Wow and a 2 door even, sweet 57 fairlane wheel covers!

Anonymous said...

I want a car like this so bad! The two tone looks awesome, and the massive Falcon badge and massive doors on this 2-door wagon just speak to me

Justin said...

Those Fairlane hubs blend with the 2 tone perfectly, love it.

Tony Piff said...

o man, the stack of falcons sitting on deck in my iphoto is a mile tall, but i've yet to see a wagon, much less a two-door!

cali black plates?!

Joshua said...

Love the 2 doors of the Falcon Wagons!

I've got a 63 XL Wagon in my garage, they're amazing cars

Dan said...

Yep, California black plates. Even though it appears to have had a V-8 swap (or, at the very least, a set of dual exhausts), I wish it was in my California garage.

sk8trbro said...

Hey, that's my car!

I'm up in Portland OR.
Thinking about selling the ol' bird.

302/c4 everything done minus the interior. Get a hold of me for the full list of things done if you're interested, it's a long list.

Good call on the hubcaps! that's exactly what they are.


clifton.ra said...

Nice car.

I don't care for the white sides, and think it would be sharper in green. Keep the white roof.