1976 Honda Civic.

March 28, 2012



great white tiburon said...

I love the first gen civics they had the most style. I find it amazing that there are so many classic gems to be found on the northwest coast that are still in daily driver condition and aren't falling apart. finding a classic dd where I live is like trying to find waldo in a crowd of people dressed like waldo.

Justin said...

^ Summed up perfectly.

Spiff said...

That's a '77, not a '76. It's the only year with the chrome side mirror but the early parking lights on top of the front bumper.

Totally agree with Tiburon on envying all these cars you find. 1st-gen Civics had great style, and were fun to drive. The reliability and mpg were almost a bonus when the basic car was so good.

Tony Piff said...

yellow is the ultimate iconic color for a '70s civic.

great setting and light. great example.