1969 Ford 300 Econoline Super Van.

May 29, 2012

One of my favorite bricks visible in the background.



Anonymous said...

Oh that is one sweet Econoline. What a chunky, utilitarian box.

I like the white steel wheels, too. And the stance, the distance between the front wheels and the front of the van, the height.

This thing could look cool a lot of different ways. As it is it carries quite a bit of blue-collar panache. Though I somehow sense the owner might be offended to have such a concept applied to his (surely the owner is male...?) vehicle.

great white tiburon said...

aaah, my favorite generation of econoline. that front end has always drawn me to it. one day, I would like to get a shortbox one and do a homage to the great custom vans of the 70's.
the BRICK Volvo behind gives a nice retro street shot in the first pic. if that camry wasn't behind the Volvo you could have a great period shot.

Tony Piff said...

most beautiful generation of econoline, but go figure that they were redesigned for better fuel economy.

what, a wall isn't an aerodynamic shape?

Justin said...

Great looking Econoline and brick.
Still looks like a period shot, from about 1995.