1981 Datsun 210.

May 27, 2012

*Note: This is posted as a reference to last week's Marina.


Ben Piff said...

This really does look like the grandchild of the lovely Marina. Which makes me wonder where I'd be if my first car was a Marina instead of a 210?

J+ said...

I am continually amazed how many of these old Datsuns I see around here in Oregon

Anonymous said...

i uesd to drive a 1979 datsun210(4door,stick)for 5 years and not a single thing went wrong(A14 engine is amazingly tough)still regreat why i sold it(40+mpg on freeway)when i sold it approx 350kmiles on meter still was not burning oil.amazing quality that no more exists.new cars are total pos,i dont care who makes those.

Justin said...

Definitely the Japanese brother of the Marina, design wise.

Anonymous said...

These cars were definitely solid mechanically. I used to live in Arizona and still see them running around when I go back for vacation. I live in the Midwest now and you never see them. The drive train was great, but they rusted out pretty quick with the salt on the roads.

Oliver Maurice said...

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